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Opening for CHRIS HO‘s album release was MIKAILA TOMBE whom I’ve never heard of before (being out of touch with the music scene for over a year – I haven’t kept up with a lot of bands/artists like I used to) hails from Nanaimo, BC.

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It’s been a good 5 years since I’ve last seen THE WILD ROMANTICS perform back at Rock of the Woods.  Complete night and day!IMG_7360Since then they’ve gone through management changes, musical direction, and also a change in stage presence! And, I don’t hate it! I admit I may have a little bit of a crush on this Vancouver-band because there sound is so much different from what I recall all those years ago. Continue reading


I didn’t get into town until close to 8 that night on Friday.  I had just enough time to get home and drop off my bags and grab a quick dinner with my parents before I headed downtown to Sugar Nightclub.

I made it just in time to catch a part of ZOUBI AND THE SEA performing on stage. I swear in the two years since I’ve moved to Vancouver, more local bands have been popping up on the island since I’ve been away!

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The Choir

I used to be in choir from grades 1-7 back in elementary school, so I’ve always been a big fan of choirs!

I remember this group from last year and I really enjoyed there harmonies and the only reason why I didn’t mind going to the park early on those weekends (aside from grabbing my parking spot) was the fact that I like to listen to them sing. Whether or not, they sing the same songs over again (it didn’t really matter, because I really enjoyed those too especially the first song I have of them singing in this video down below) or a cover of a newer song — I was okay with that, no matter how sleepy I was from the night before.

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