Towers and Trees

TOWERS AND TREES are back! And after going on hiatus for a few years, they came back with a new single, “Head Down Heart Up” which is a real head-bopper! Much like previous jams, “Montreal”, “Free” and “West Coast Man”.

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This is the first time I saw THE ELWINS perform – the first song I ever listened from them was probably “Stuck in the Middle” which was probably back in 2011/12? Continue reading



This is how I would imagine what a Hogwarts castle would look like in Victoria, B.C. It may seem like a smaller size in scale on the outside, but once you walk inside, it’s a lot larger. (Like a T.A.R.D.I.S.!)  Continue reading


It’s Friday night and what was supposed to be a night of music bingo, dinner, and playing pool at the local pool hall — ended up being a night totally different from what we originally planned.

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The New Pornographers


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SURPRISE! Another mini-blog post from another weekend in Victoria! (I swear if there was a points system from BC Ferries I would be WINNING).

My friend’s birthday party was happening Saturday of that weekend, and luckily enough my friends JON & ROY were performing at Sugar Friday night! I figured why not go and take photos of it! And make an even awesome weekend BETTER! Continue reading


It’s been a good 5 years since I’ve last seen THE WILD ROMANTICS perform back at Rock of the Woods.  Complete night and day!IMG_7360Since then they’ve gone through management changes, musical direction, and also a change in stage presence! And, I don’t hate it! I admit I may have a little bit of a crush on this Vancouver-band because there sound is so much different from what I recall all those years ago. Continue reading


I didn’t get into town until close to 8 that night on Friday.  I had just enough time to get home and drop off my bags and grab a quick dinner with my parents before I headed downtown to Sugar Nightclub.

I made it just in time to catch a part of ZOUBI AND THE SEA performing on stage. I swear in the two years since I’ve moved to Vancouver, more local bands have been popping up on the island since I’ve been away!

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There’s just something about visiting places you used to go to all the time.  Everyone has those places.  It’s like a comfort blanket.  You go to these familiar places because it makes you feel safe and it’s been there for you through many tough times. Or maybe that’s just me?

Queen Alexander Beach is one of those places for me.


The Choir

I used to be in choir from grades 1-7 back in elementary school, so I’ve always been a big fan of choirs!

I remember this group from last year and I really enjoyed there harmonies and the only reason why I didn’t mind going to the park early on those weekends (aside from grabbing my parking spot) was the fact that I like to listen to them sing. Whether or not, they sing the same songs over again (it didn’t really matter, because I really enjoyed those too especially the first song I have of them singing in this video down below) or a cover of a newer song — I was okay with that, no matter how sleepy I was from the night before.

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