Five Alarm Funk

I was not intending on seeing FIVE ALARM FUNK tonight. Honestly. I met up with my friend Darcy and we pretty much started the night at Phillips Brewery Tasting Room and then I wanted to do a “mini” pub crawl of all the sound boards that he has worked on or installed at various venues. Capital Ballroom just happened to be the 3rd and last venue we checked out that night!

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Towers and Trees

TOWERS AND TREES are back! And after going on hiatus for a few years, they came back with a new single, “Head Down Heart Up” which is a real head-bopper! Much like previous jams, “Montreal”, “Free” and “West Coast Man”.

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Jon & Roy

This is (I believe) my 14th time taking photos of JON & ROY. You can imagine my joy when they played a SOLD OUT show at the Commodore Ballroom headlining for the first time! Which is like, a pretty big deal!

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If you haven’t seen LUCA FOGALE perform live, then do your yourself and your ears a favour and go!
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This is the first time I saw THE ELWINS perform – the first song I ever listened from them was probably “Stuck in the Middle” which was probably back in 2011/12? Continue reading



This is how I would imagine what a Hogwarts castle would look like in Victoria, B.C. It may seem like a smaller size in scale on the outside, but once you walk inside, it’s a lot larger. (Like a T.A.R.D.I.S.!)  Continue reading


I’m basically going to copy and paste what I wrote on my Instagram:

Last night my friend told me the Rathskeller Schnitzel House in Victoria was closing and I immediately said “No!”. We walked by it and saw the sign that after over 50 years it was closing its restaurant doors for the last time on January 22, 2017. It was 5 minutes before closing time but we went in to see if we can get a beer. I for sure thought the manager was going to tell us a solid “no” but she agreed to let us have just one beer.


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It’s Friday night and what was supposed to be a night of music bingo, dinner, and playing pool at the local pool hall — ended up being a night totally different from what we originally planned.

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