The Boom Booms

It’s the last show for THE BOOM BOOMS! I can’t even believe it! They were one of the first bands I took photos of back in 2011. I only took photos of them twice and that was in the same year! Now, 8 years later, they’re retiring!

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Jon & Roy

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Jon & Roy

This is (I believe) my 14th time taking photos of JON & ROY. You can imagine my joy when they played a SOLD OUT show at the Commodore Ballroom headlining for the first time! Which is like, a pretty big deal!

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Aside from being very happy for my friends JON & ROY performing there first headlining (sold out) show at the Commodore Ballroom – I was equally just as excited to see OLD MAN CANYON. I’ve been a fan of this band since their 2014 album “Phantom & Friends”. Continue reading

CURRENT SWELL // JON AND ROY (LIVE at The Commodore Ballroom)


Here’s a little “on-the-stage” vlog of Jon & Roy ( and headliners: Current Swell (

I couldn’t think of a better way to end my year than this show! Always a good time!

Jon & Roy:

Current Swell:…



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