I think the last time I went to Whytecliff Park was in 2009. I had just gotten out of a relationship and I decided to venture off to Vancouver to explore parks and beaches because it was the only thing that helped keep my mind off of things. I guess every one has that same type of vice.

Now 7 years later and living in Vancouver, I went on a spontaneous adventure to West Vancouver. (I originally wanted to go on Saturday, but an accident happened on the main road and so I was detoured. Therefore deciding to just go the next day). Thankfully, the weather was still gorgeous.

I jettisoned off in the late afternoon hoping to arrive a couple hours before sunset.

When I arrived it was pretty much how I remembered it all those years ago: vibrant and calm.

In the middle of my treck up the side of a cliff, I noticed that on top of the tiny rock island across from me there was a couple. The tiny rock island is accessed via along the rocks and boulders that led out towards the island. The water was already elevated to where most of the rocks and boulders were submerged. I think everyone there was wondering when the couple would decide to wade there way back to the beachside.

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New Year Mist!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Year spent with loved ones!

I decided to grab my GoPro and take a time-lapse of the sunset during a misty afternoon near a river bend.

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It’s the second to last day in Hawaii! 🙁 I’m so sad, but I couldn’t have had a better second-to-last day.

We went to The Four Seasons for lunch at The Beach Tree which was a patio restaurant that overlooks the beach that they had there.

While we were waiting for our table, I wandered over to the beach (because of course I did).IMG_0020 copy Continue reading


The next morning we went to the Kona Pub + Brewery hoping to check out there brewery tours, but unfortunately we were not able to. So instead we just ate lunch there.

I tried there sampler which was any 4 (5oz) glasses of a beer of your choice. The four that I chose were: Duke’s Blonde Ale, Big Wave Golden Ale, Hula Hef, and Lavaman Red Ale. I didn’t get the Longboard Island Lager only because I already drank that earlier in our trip, which I also enjoyed.

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We went to Cafe Pesto for lunch and I ordered a blended blue margarita and as much as I prefer it on the rocks, I thought the blended version was much better suited for the early afternoon.

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