For a more COMPLETE story of how this boat came to the shores of Cadboro Bay, you can read it up here.

Before I even went and saw the boat, I figured it was the same boat that was stranded at Gyro Park all those years ago. But it was indeed a different vessel.

The boat was completely stripped and weather-worn. Kids were playing around it and people were taking photographs that was situated right in front of the playground (which is ironically, also a boat).

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Merry Xmas it’s CHALLENGE TIME


With the impending wonderful holiday season coming upon us, I decided that I will NOT be posting a video next Thursday (WHICH IS CHRISTMAS DAY) due to obvious reasons of spending time with my family and eating a lot of food 🙂 But, I will still be posting a vlog video on TUESDAY still! So follow me on that if you so wish it.

For some reason, when I was rendering/uploading this video… it somehow rendered in a “lesser quality” type of video..which annoys me, but by then I had already deleted my project 🙁 (Pro tip: DON’T EVER DO THAT FOR THIS SPECIFIC REASON… I was just so tired…I wasn’t thinking!)

So, I hope you enjoy this video anyways where my sisters and I compete against each other in the most “fashionable” way possible — through skepticism, eye-rolling, and laughter!

Who do you think will win? I think you should already know the answer to this due to past videos…

(Bless you if you thought differently)

Merry Christmas, Turtle-Monkeys! x