Day 4 – Krabi, Thailand

Today we went on a second boat tour! I think this was probably one of my favourites! We went and visited the 7 Phi Phi Islands.

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This was maybe one of the more challenging hikes (so far) for me. Lots of incline, not enough breaths taken or exercise done to prepare haha

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SURPRISE! Another mini-blog post from another weekend in Victoria! (I swear if there was a points system from BC Ferries I would be WINNING).

My friend’s birthday party was happening Saturday of that weekend, and luckily enough my friends JON & ROY were performing at Sugar Friday night! I figured why not go and take photos of it! And make an even awesome weekend BETTER! Continue reading


It’s been a good 5 years since I’ve last seen THE WILD ROMANTICS perform back at Rock of the Woods.  Complete night and day!IMG_7360Since then they’ve gone through management changes, musical direction, and also a change in stage presence! And, I don’t hate it! I admit I may have a little bit of a crush on this Vancouver-band because there sound is so much different from what I recall all those years ago. Continue reading


I didn’t get into town until close to 8 that night on Friday.  I had just enough time to get home and drop off my bags and grab a quick dinner with my parents before I headed downtown to Sugar Nightclub.

I made it just in time to catch a part of ZOUBI AND THE SEA performing on stage. I swear in the two years since I’ve moved to Vancouver, more local bands have been popping up on the island since I’ve been away!

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As the title suggests…

I went to Anita from Helmet who has done hair/make-up for both my sisters wedding! They have continued to go to her for haircuts during that time, so I figured “i’m new in town! The hairdresser I usually go to is now in Victoria…. I should try out Anita!”

Best decision ever! Located right on Cambie Street (although I believe she told me they will be moving to a new location — will know more and will share with you in the future). Continue reading


This might have been the longest vlog I’ve posted (yet!)

Seriously, you never really truly appreciate your hometown, until you don’t live there anymore! The same is true EVERY TIME I go over!

It’s funny. Vancouver used to be the place I would travel to get away from Victoria. And now, the roles have somehow reversed (which I never thought possible!)



For a more COMPLETE story of how this boat came to the shores of Cadboro Bay, you can read it up here.

Before I even went and saw the boat, I figured it was the same boat that was stranded at Gyro Park all those years ago. But it was indeed a different vessel.

The boat was completely stripped and weather-worn. Kids were playing around it and people were taking photographs that was situated right in front of the playground (which is ironically, also a boat).

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I think the last time I went to Whytecliff Park was in 2009. I had just gotten out of a relationship and I decided to venture off to Vancouver to explore parks and beaches because it was the only thing that helped keep my mind off of things. I guess every one has that same type of vice.

Now 7 years later and living in Vancouver, I went on a spontaneous adventure to West Vancouver. (I originally wanted to go on Saturday, but an accident happened on the main road and so I was detoured. Therefore deciding to just go the next day). Thankfully, the weather was still gorgeous.

I jettisoned off in the late afternoon hoping to arrive a couple hours before sunset.

When I arrived it was pretty much how I remembered it all those years ago: vibrant and calm.

In the middle of my treck up the side of a cliff, I noticed that on top of the tiny rock island across from me there was a couple. The tiny rock island is accessed via along the rocks and boulders that led out towards the island. The water was already elevated to where most of the rocks and boulders were submerged. I think everyone there was wondering when the couple would decide to wade there way back to the beachside.

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I thought I would do something different and do a “cooking vlog”.

A while back ago I remembered watching one of Ben Brown’s old vlogs when he made chicken with a peanut sauce using just peanut butter — I was intrigued. So, I thought I would just wing it and try it out. Unfortunately, because it was such a long time ago since I’ve watched that vlog I can’t remember which video it was. But regardless, you should go check out his vlogs in general. Him and along a few others are film makers that really inspire me to improve, not just in vlog form but in photography and making videos. (

Back to the “peanut butter sauce”.

Verdict: Turns out, it wasn’t that bad.

The sauce was a bit thicker and I definitely made more chicken than I thought because I didn’t even think the peanut butter sauce itself would be so filling as well 🙂

If I were ever to make this dish again, I definitely would make the sauce more less thick. Otherwise, everything else tasted pretty damn good!

Try it and let me know if you have any suggestions of what you would modify or try differently!

Thanks for watching!