Never in my life, would I ever think or have a chance to see JANE’S ADDICTION perform live ever. And boy, was it an experience!

Not only did it not seem like either of them have aged, but they had two women dancing on a bench throughout there whole set, and near the end, they had two women hanging from their shoulder skin just flailing around like rag dolls!IMG_0839 Continue reading

Father John Misty

FATHER JOHN MISTY — 3 years ago I saw him perform at a sold out show at LUCKY BAR.  I was so excited because his first album “Fear Fun” was maybe one of my favourite albums that year.

Josh Tillman still has the most craziest dance moves and a dry almost sarcastic humor that if you aren’t already familiar with that, it could come off as a little stand-off-ish. To be honest, I wasn’t that familiar with his current album, so it was nice to listen to it throughout his set.IMG_0345 Continue reading


BLEACHERS may have been one of the highlight performances of that day (for me). It was so high energy and entertaining. I took over 400 photos (apparently). I had to trim about 300 or so…IMG_9923 Continue reading


I’m not really sure what I just saw on that stage, but it wasn’t…bad?

Watching PPL MVR was like watching Zookeeper x 2 with three mythical badass creatures.IMG_9664 Continue reading

Kim Churchill

Three years ago, I first saw KIM CHURCHILL play THE VOGUE THEATRE.

During his small conversations with the crowd, he stated that his dream was to travel and play music across the world. He’s been living in his van for 5 years now (straight after high school) and I’ve been a fan of his for even longer. IMG_9498 Continue reading