Opening for CHRIS HO‘s album release was MIKAILA TOMBE whom I’ve never heard of before (being out of touch with the music scene for over a year – I haven’t kept up with a lot of bands/artists like I used to) hails from Nanaimo, BC.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES OF DAY 5-10 (13 Miles Movie)

It has been a fun 5 days filming in the beautiful Okanagan!!!

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I’m basically going to copy and paste what I wrote on my Instagram:

Last night my friend told me the Rathskeller Schnitzel House in Victoria was closing and I immediately said “No!”. We walked by it and saw the sign that after over 50 years it was closing its restaurant doors for the last time on January 22, 2017. It was 5 minutes before closing time but we went in to see if we can get a beer. I for sure thought the manager was going to tell us a solid “no” but she agreed to let us have just one beer.


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It’s Friday night and what was supposed to be a night of music bingo, dinner, and playing pool at the local pool hall — ended up being a night totally different from what we originally planned.

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I haven’t written a mini-blog post in forever! I’m slowly getting back into it.

After a few days of pouring rain in Vancouver (or Raincouver for those of us who live here), the sun finally came out. Not to miss this somewhat otherwise “rare” opportunity before more rainclouds decide to pour in, I joined my friend for a walk along English Bay.

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