Jon & Roy

This is (I believe) my 14th time taking photos of JON & ROY. You can imagine my joy when they played a SOLD OUT show at the Commodore Ballroom headlining for the first time! Which is like, a pretty big deal!

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I was really contemplating on whether or not I should head downtown with friends to check out events happening there. But, I just didn’t feel like having to skytrain over and deal with all the crowds haha Instead, as luck would have it, my friends, JONĀ & ROY were performing in Burnaby and my friend Darcy was the sound guy for the event. Also, 54-40 were headlining and I haven’t seen them perform since ROCK THE SHORES last year and the venue was 20 minutes away from my place! The choice was clearly obvious. I “lightly” ditched my friends and headed solo over to Swangard Stadium.

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JESSE ROPER (LIVE @ The Imperial)

Jesse Roper performing LIVE at The Imperial 03/06/2015

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Jesse Roper

If you’re new here…I take concert photography and I vlog. Sometimes I make main videos as well. I (try to) post every Tuesday and Thursday. Watch or don’t watch? Things happen and things are said… so either plug your ears or avert your eyeballs, because it’s out there!

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