Halloween is over and now we are in the middle of November, so you know what that means: CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!

A friend and I went downtown and got lost in the mall that was suffocating us with perfume fragrances. *Death* We were trying to find the exit to the ACTUAL MALL. Turns out, we went into the wrong entrance (oops) (typical). I got distracted by TOP MAN and thought there were elevators in the store that goes up towards the actual mall…I was wrong. The entrance to the mall was actually across the street……

We then headed over to the German Christmas Market that just opened today! So we got there before the huge line-ups! (yay!)

We didn’t get to drink any of the hot apple cider or devour any delicious German food on account of us devouring some New York Fries poutine and Orange Julius earlier 😀

See you on Tuesday, Turtle-Monkeys!
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