BEHIND-THE-SCENES OF DAY 5-10 (13 Miles Movie)

It has been a fun 5 days filming in the beautiful Okanagan!!!

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13 MILES is a 2010 passion project of filmmakers Anthony Epp and Helena Thom who both co-wrote and developed the film together.

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Behind-the-Scenes Mindil Beach Video Shoot (Green Couch Sessions)


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Spent the day alongside Mindil Beach as they shot a video with Green Couch Sessions, and 4 lovely ladies — Sierra, Heidi, Jacqueline, and Hailey (provided by Kysa Management) who were a fun group. I met the production team, the band, and the … Continue reading

BEHIND-THE-SCENES: CBC Searchlight Aidan Knight Cover of “Jasper”


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A fun collaboration with a few semi-finalists from the 2nd round of 2013 CBC Searchlight’s competition: Towers and Trees, The Archers, Amy Wood, Scotty Hills, and Maureen Washington doing a cover of Aidan Knights song “Jasper.” Shot in a “vintage-like” barber … Continue reading

Behind The Scenes: Mindil Beach Markets Photo-Shoot


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It was a bright and early Saturday morning as I went with the boys from Mindil Beach Markets to do a fun Photo-Shoot! We arrived at the baseball park at around 8:30am and the boys started to “warm up” tossing the … Continue reading