Terzaghi (Mission) Dam (Lillooet)

Today felt like a really long day.

I woke up around 3:30am and the urge to go to the bathroom. It was still very much dark out. Adrian and I decided to place the bear spray on the driver side seat – so that way, if one of us needs to go to the bathroom, we can just grab it.

I didn’t feel like getting up and out of my tent because 1) it was so very cold and 2) it was still dark out and I don’t feel like encountering the “possibility” of a bear in the dark. So, I tried to lull myself back to sleep, which worked! 

An hour later I woke up to the sounds of our neighbour’s (aka hunters) getting up and chopping wood. They were so loud, I immediately knew this would be the perfect time to go to the bathroom! Because 1) it was a bit lighter out and 2) they were making so much noise! That it should scare away any bears.

Either that or I get out of my tent and head towards the edge of the water and veer a little to the right and pee there hahaha

After I emptied my bladder, I crawled back into my sleeping back and tried to sleep for a couple more hours which by that time, the hunters were heading out.

I later decided it was finally quiet out, I got changed, and sat out by the lake admiring the views.

Eventually, Adrian got out of his tent and we started our day.

After breakfast, we decided to re-pack the truck by putting back up the seats to use as a “divider” so that items weren’t rolling around.

It was a good idea. It was way more organized and items that needed to be easily accessible, were!

We left camp, and headed towards Tyax Lodge that our friend, Alex, told us had amazing burgers!

Unfortunately, when we arrived there were was a sign letting us know there was a Private event happening that night and the restaurant would not be open to the public until the next morning. Which was a huge bummer!

We headed back onto the road and made sandwiches instead on the side of the FSR.

We eventually made it into Lillooet.

We drove straight into town to get some water (because my ice block of a bag was still frozen). We decided that we would get gas the next morning instead.

We headed back down towards a Recreation site Adrian wanted to check out.

Terzaghi Mission Dam.

Then, Adrian spotted a bald eagle!

My 70-200mm lens could barely get a good photo compared to Adrians, what I dubbed “baby bazooka” lens.

We also discovered 3 campsites available at this site with a porta-potty in the middle.

We made note of it and decided to head to Anderson Lake that my friend’s dad mentioned we should check out. It was maybe 45 minutes from where we were so we decided to go and also see if there were any other campsite options along the way.

Unfortunately, after driving down consecutive steep hairpins, we later on discovered that the Native reserve we had to go through had put up signs barring any visitors from going through due to COVID-19. Wanting to be respectful, we listened and turned back around. I felt so disheartened after going through such steep switchbacks.

We returned to the Terzaghi (Mission) Dam Recreation Site and set up camp.

To set the scene – there was an active road above us and a very much active dam on the other side of us. We knew it was not going to be a quiet night for either of us.

I’m definitely putting in my headphones.

Until my next post!

Thanks for reading!


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