Gwyneth Lake Provincial Park

We packed up Kronk and started our 6-day road trip up North.

We travelled through Hurley Pass towards Gold Bridge. We ended up going a bit off track but worked in our favour as we came across an old homestead.

From there we continued on through Bralorne with a population of 69 people.

From there we continued on in search of Gwyneth Lake Provincial Park. It was not an easy campsite to find as the road to access it was not marked.

But when we did find it. It was worth it. Also, shout-out to the Fire Warden who happen to be coming down the road when Adrian spotted what appeared to be a road leading towards the lake. We had a rough idea where the campsite would be located using the BRMB (Backroads Mapbook), the black line leading towards the campsite, and that it was near the lake.

After speaking with the Fire Warden he confined that we were driving down the right road and there happen to be 4 free campsites available! (Total of 6).

And, I gotta say, our campsite was EPIC and lakeside.


For dinner I made steaks!

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