Hiking Cobble Hill Mountain

I should have known that when my cousin Jeff said that the hike we are doing was an “easy hike” – I should have actually interpreted it as “easy for him, steep hike for me“.

I picked up both my cousin and his boyfriend at his place and we drove 45 minutes out of town towards Cobble Hill. Upon arriving at Quarry Nature Park, there were very few cars there and a couple people at the bike park.

There are a lot of different trails that you can take to reach certain areas, each trail named after an animal ranged from super easy to super hard. The route that we took was the “Snake” trail which was the hardest out of all the trails. The easiest being the “Chipmunk” or “Squirrel” trail (I think?). So it’s a “choose your own adventure” kind of deal.

Although in this case, I didn’t have a choice. According to my cousin, they’ve hiked all the trails and the best one was the “Snake” route, so here we go!

At the beginning of our walk towards the trailhead, we encountered this little guy just hanging out in the shade.

As we started our ascent, I quickly discovered when they said “there are some steep parts on this trail” – means a nearly vertical “steep” part. My calves were definitely feeling it mid-way up. But once we finally summited, the views more than made up for it as well as a fun reminder to work on strengthening my calves!

There was no breeze! It was a nice, calm late evening, with blue skies, and sunshine.

Photo: Jeff L


Photo: Jeff L

We saw nobody on the way up.

The only time we saw someone was a little bit after myself and Gustavo were flying our drones (both Mavic Mini’s) on the top of the mountain and a lady was passing through stopped and had mentioned that her son also had a drone.

All in all, it was a perfect evening!

Until next time!


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