Deadman Falls

 Today was not at all how I expected it would go.

Let’s start at the beginning briefly – Adrian and I woke up early and packed the truck and headed to Deadman Valley. 

We drove through dirty roads and passed by abandoned houses.

We finally got to the trail to the falls. We pulled over to the side of the road, put on our winter gear, and hopped over a small pile of snow.

It was about a 5-7 minute walk towards the edge of the falls.

By this point on, you should just watch the video I posted about what happened a few minutes later. It was a very sad time and also a very frustrating and stupid time for me.

We tried a “rescue and recover” mission but the trek to the bottom of the waterfall was way too dangerous and expelled a lot of our energy trudging through knee-high snow. So we had to call it. No recovery for Rufio 🙁

We continued on until we got into a “fork-in-the-road” situation. We got stuck a few meters in and had to back out. It almost got to a point where we almost had to deploy our Maxtrax but I got Adrian, who was trying to set up his camera, I “kindly” suggested to him that what he should really be doing is help guide me out from outside. To which, he responded, “oh, right! yeah that’s a good idea!”

It looked like our adventure had to end from there as there were no roads we could continue on from. So we unfortunately had to turn back around. I had to go back down that steep hill for the second time today – the first time being, trying to rescue Rufio. 

Eventually on the way back, Adrian saw some deer and took out his “bazooka” lens and started taking photos.

It was a trip that I for one will never forget 🙁

RIP Rufio, you will be missed.


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