Lac du Bois Grasslands Hike

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We decided to start with a lazy morning today.

I woke up around 7 or 8 in the morning, went downstairs and was pleasantly surprised how much more cozier and warmer it is in contrast to where we were sleeping on the top floor.

I made myself some tea and ate some left-over Texas beans! Ended up editing for a few hours.

We got ready to go out again and Adrian wanted to go check out an abandoned asylum or place that is now being used to host Escape Rooms. Unfortunately, it was closed and gated up. I’m sure it would have been fine to have just walked around even though it said “No Trespassing” – but it didn’t look like Adrian was down for that. So we continued on a little further down the road and went and did a very easy hike at Lac du Bois Grasslands.

Unsuspecting to us (although Adrian completely forgot that the trail was flooded in some areas), there were some “water crossings” where we definitely got our feet “damp” during the crossing haha

Adrian found some plant-life to take photos of.

And the rest of the hike the views were pretty impressive!

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