Greenstone Mountain Lookout

Adrian and I left for Kamloops yesterday, March 07, 2020 as the first of our series of trips this year. 

We are planning a big trip to California in 2021, so we decided in order to prepare is to do a series of trips together to work out our dynamic and whether or not there are any issues we will need to deal with when we travel together. Nothing tests a friendship more than going on a trip together!

Today, we headed out to Greenstone Mountain Lookout. The road up to the lookout was not too bad. A bit of mud, snow, and ice.

We parked in front of a radio tower and hiked a few minutes up. It was a little bit difficult due to the snow, but once we finally made it to the top the views were amazing!

Later that night, we decided to go search for owls hunting at night. During our drive we stopped a few times along the way because I wanted to do some night photography. It was a little bit difficult without a tripod but I made due. 

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