My brother-in-law turned a little early, and thought he was going the right way to the beach (he wasn’t). When we got to gravel road and later potholes, he decided to commit and keep going as we can see the ocean ahead and a few cars, so “there must be something there, right?”.

Normally I would be all for it! EXCEPT: 1) We were in a mini-van 2) My parents were not into it 3) My sister was not into it 4) My 4-year old nephew was not enjoying it 5) My 1-year old nephew was not into it, but then promptly fell asleep and 6) I was more worried about the tires.

But we committed.

When we finally reached the end, it was a beautiful beach. One that I, myself would stay at. But because there were a lot of rocks, there’s a high potential that the waves caused by these said “rocks” would be too dangerous for a 4-year old and a 1-year old. So we off-roaded back onto the main road.

We finally reached the beach we were originally intending on being at we arrived at – Kekaha Kai State Park. By this point, I accept that until my nephews grow older, all we will be visiting right now are State parks. State parks in which I cannot fly my drone in 🙁

But don’t get me wrong. These beaches were still very beautiful. Such as the one we are at now. Of course fate was not on my side that day, as of yesterday, I received my period. Of course. It arrived a few days earlier than expected. But it wasn’t too bad a flow (sorry too much information? whatever), that I still went into the water (eventually). The water was WARM.

Afterwards, we went back to the Kona Brewing Co. The place still looks the same as 4 years ago. Still haven’t checked been to the Brewery tour, maybe next time.

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