I Sat Beside 2 Drunk Girls On My Flight to Kona (Kona Day 1)

10:25am – I was out the door and in the car as my brother in law, Anthony, drove me to YVR airport. My flight was at 1:59pm, but I prefer arriving a little early to get through security and just settle and maybe grab a bite to eat.

Luckily, by having a Nexus card, I breezed through the security line-up quite easily. It took a total of maybe 7 minutes (?) Not long at all! I almost forgot my Toronto Blue Jays hat because I breezed through security so easily!

I got to my gate which was near the Canucks Bar & Grill, so I decided to grab a burger from there until my flight. After consuming my burger, I sat waiting for my gate. 20 minutes of waiting, I got a text from United Airlines letting me know that my flight was delayed until 2:21pm.

We didn’t actually depart from the runway until a little after 3pm. I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it to my connection to Kona from San Francisco, as that left me maybe 25 minutes?

Before my flight, my parents and my brother-in-law, both told me that there flight was also delayed (as they took the exact same flight path as me but a day early), said that the gate to their connection was the same gate as where they exited and that I should check to make sure as well. I checked. And of course, mine was not the same. In fact, my gate was on the other side of the airport when I checked the map! So I sped walked and used those handy conveyor belts to get to my gate. On the way across the airport, I passed by a man who was on the floor with his shirt open being helped by paramedics – not being able to stop and stare, I continued onto my gate.

I could see my gate nearing and veered off to the closest washroom first. With 10 minutes to spare, I fanned myself off from the perspiration of speed-walking through the airport making sure I made it to my gate in time.

I boarded the flight with no problems – until I saw who my seat mates were….

2 women – very much drunk – but very nice and offered me some of their salted almonds. Which I graciously said “sure!”. It wasn’t until in the middle of the flight until I realized how drunk they were as they were both very much giddy and laughing whilst playing a word game on one of their phones. All-in-all I didn’t have a problem with it as I had my headphones in and could only hear muffled laughter. I thought it was pretty amusing. So I could understand that when the gentleman in front of one of the girls in the aisle stood up to go to the washroom asked them to be a little bit more quieter as some people were trying to sleep during the 5 hour flight. I couldn’t hear what their response was but I assume it was apologetic. The girl next to me then turned and apologized if they were being too loud, and I responded with a “no worries,” and “I literally cannot hear anything through my headphones except for some muffled laughter”. They then proceeded to tell me that it was the girl sitting in the aisle seat’s birthday and that they were already 6 beers in EACH prior to the flight, and during the course of the flight they ordered another maybe 4 or 6 beers each again. I knew prior to once we sat down, I would not survive this flight without a gin & tonic which I greedily sipped on during the whole trip.

Of course, by having the window seat, you sacrifice the ease of getting out of your seat to use the facilities. The only time I could have gone to the washroom smartly and not stepping on any drunk girls, was when they both left to go to the bathroom together. But I didn’t have to go that time, so I didn’t bother. Mistake #1. When I actually had to go, they were both very much passed out in their seats during the last 2 hours of the flight – and I had to hope to whatever holy deity that my bladder would not burst. Hence the sipping of my G&T (slowly) within those last 2 hours. You’re probably wondering why I continued on sipping on my drink when I clearly needed to use the bathroom. I’ll tell you. I paid $10.00 USD for that G&T! I am finishing my drink!

After finally landing, and wishing the girl one last “Happy Birthday” we went our separate ways. I saw them later boarding in a mini SUV with their friends who have already arrived earlier. And they were just as hilarious leaving the airport as they were on the plane sitting next to me. Lots of drunken laughter and hi-jinx.

I waited maybe 15 minutes until my other brother-in-law, Fred, and my dad came to pick me up! After shouting my name out loud in the airport, I found my idiot BIL and left the airport in the pitch of night.

I would have vlogged more in the end, but I really needed to pee and eat 2 steaks and some veg when I got to the resort! 🙂

Until the next vlog/mini-blog post!


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