I finally made it to Elfin Lakes! My friend, Adrian, has been trying to get me to make it out there for the past year!

It was a good test for me as I started doing kickboxing at the start of this year and I wanted to improve my strength and conditioning. It’s an 11km hike (there and back), in total 22km.

It was a gradual uphill hike to begin with, but it wasn’t too bad. Although my friend said that I was still panting a lot but I definitely improved. I thought it would take us (at least) 5 hours just to get to Elfin lakes, but we made it in just over 2. So i’m pretty happy about that.

Altogether, Adrian estimated that it would take us 6 hours, there and back, but I was determined to make it back in under 6. We made it back a little over 5.5 hours. I consider that a win!

The views were amazing! The meadows, the alpine landscape, the lakes, snow-capped mountains, and the shelter we got to check out was a nice change of pace from just being outdoors in the city. Nothing can beat the fresh cool air.

Pro: Amazing landscape and fresh air. Grateful for the bug spray and sunblock applied earlier. No mosquitoes.

Cons: Those damn huge flies that kept buzzing around us leading up to the lakes and down. Did not see any bears.

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