I got Kronk a “Batwing” snapback

How did this happen?

I answered a Facebook Marketplace post that gave me notifications on past items I looked into. I was surprised to see a Rhino Rack Batwing (retail value at $899.00 CAD) selling for $600 CAD.

  1. I would be saving myself $400 tax free.
  2. It’s so cheap

I tried haggling it down to $300, but it turns out the person selling it is their uncle who needed gas money to head to Montreal I guess to visit family.

I mulled over it for the whole morning/afternoon until I just couldn’t let this deal pass.

After her uncle gave me a call to figure out a meeting place – I looked him up on Facebook because my caller ID gave me his name and i’m curious to see what type of person I was dealing with. You know, normal! I noticed that he owned a pretty awesome jeep, but the awning was on the driver side. Not the passenger side, as the listing showed. Curious.

I should have made a mental note about that, even when he showed me where he had it mounted when I met up with him. I thought it was strange, but for some reason didn’t lean into that thought much. From the conversation we had about how to mount it onto my roof-rack gave me the immediate impression that he’s never mounted the awning himself, but had a shop do it. So thankfully, as I usually research all of this stuff before purchase, I showed him how it was to be mounted. He still sounded skeptical, but once I showed him he realized I was right.

Later after testing out the awning, I then realized it was indeed a left-side awning and not the right-side as the Facebook post had said. We took it off and moved it to the other side. After some adjusting, we had it set up and tested out.

It looked great! I do need to adjust the mounts a little bit more and push it forward towards the front as I’m still having issues opening my hatch all the way without it scuffing the top-left part of the hatch. So I’ll do that later, but all-in-all, very happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to test it out next time I go camping or to my friends cabin!


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