CARMANAH – I’ve known this band since I first saw them perform at Sugar Nightclub in 2011 and following them throughout the years. Fast forward 8 years later, I get to witness them perform to an amazing audience at the Commodore Ballroom opening for friends, Jon and Roy.

It was all very heartfelt (for me, personally) because I have been a fan of theirs since University days! From their loyal followers and friends rocking the green Carmanah t-shirts at shows to owning their first album that was hand-folded with a CD that had been burnt with the name of the band written on it that I received at the Quoia CD release party at Canoe club from Laura. Wow, what a time! Perusing though those photos – we were all such babies! (including my photos back then!)

I brought that album to the show and luckily got Mike Baker to sign it (for old times sake) as he was one of the three original members in the band including Laura and Pat. I never got to see those two later that night, but you best believe when I do, I’m making you sign it! 😀

I’m so happy for your continued success and I look forward into seeing the day(s) where you yourselves will be the one’s headlining a show(s) at the Commodore Ballroom! I for one cannot wait!



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