Drive or Bust? Off-Roading

It says a lot when you commit to a task, you try to complete it as best you can. And that’s what it felt like.

The original plan was to see if there was a way to explore the long-since abandoned ferry boat out near Mission, BC. But we soon found out that it was on private property and no matter where we went to stop, it was still private property. Respect is key and I didn’t want to be one of those drone pilots that ignore these rules.

We moved on towards the logging road that I first learnt how to off-road, but on the other side! Eventually after a couple hours off-roading there we got hungry and decided to head back into town and grab lunch.

Afterwards we set back out onto the logging road where I actually did first learn to off-road and went further than last time, as we didn’t stop as much. I’m happy the day was not wasted and we got to explore further down the logging roads. Even the sketched out ones!

Until next time! Thanks for reading!


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