Five Alarm Funk

I was not intending on seeing FIVE ALARM FUNK tonight. Honestly. I met up with my friend Darcy and we pretty much started the night at Phillips Brewery Tasting Room and then I wanted to do a “mini” pub crawl of all the sound boards that he has worked on or installed at various venues. Capital Ballroom just happened to be the 3rd and last venue we checked out that night!

I can’t believe I’ve never seen Five Alarm Funk live before! I’m not sure how that is possible? But I digress. After 3 songs, I was sold and will definitely try and catch their next set in the future! I mean we’re all from Vancouver, so the possibility is quite high!

I was happening to be vlogging earlier that night, so the clips I was able to get — I stitched together and made a short video. Which is no different from usual (minus the photos this time).

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