I think the last time I saw such a huge ensemble band was Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes! Although they were more of a 13-person band, this was half that – an 8-person band. But it felt like such a party on stage! Everyone was just so into it and having a good time! The fiddle player and the bass player were dancing so hard – it was awesome!

 Half the theatre was pretty much up out of their seats dancing and crowding around the aisles. The only one’s I didn’t see get up was when I was up on the balcony – but I mean I guess that would be a big safety concern.

If you missed it: There was a high jump off a speaker, playing on top of a speaker, and a tambourine thrown and bouncing off the floor of the stage.

It was a great first date! (if you were there, you would understand that reference.)

Here’s a 5-minute video of short clips of the performances:

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