I’ve been wanting to visit this trestle for a while now.

Getting there was a bit tricky because you have to drive down the Trans Canada Highway, then at a certain point, do a U-turn, and then drive the opposite direction from where you were coming from and pull into a tiny parking lot.

If you go up the stairs and go right towards the path you’ll pass the tunnel and a stream. Pass that you’ll get to two waterfalls.

But to get to the actual trestle, you’ll need to head back to the parking lot, and turn left and walk alongside the highway towards the back of the Goldstream sign and go up a path. Turn right and follow the path towards the trestle. If you understood any of that, good! Because we got lost a couple times trying to find the path because the map there was useless.

And if you get a little bit scared starting out along the trestle, no worries. I had to grab onto my cousin Jeff’s hand to pull me along the first few steps before I could go along myself. We didn’t make it that far though… We might try again in the summer perhaps haha


  1. Beautiful! Next time… you can park on the east side of the highway and take the tunnel across to the trestle trail.

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