Day 2 – Krabi, Thailand

It’s the day before New Years! I can’t believe we are ringing in the new year in T H A I L A N D!! I’m not sure any other New Years can compare (as of yet) to this years! I get to spend it with some of my favourite people!

We did some more exploring, eating, and swimming! Because what else do you do when you’re on holiday 🙂

ALSO Jeff nearly died from the spicy curry earlier as you will see in the vlog. It was pretty funny! The dinner that the staff at Jungle Village provided was delicious! The staff there are amazing! And we pretty much dubbed the manager lady as “the Thai Queen Latifah!”. The fire show they provided was pretty neat too! The fireworks were a little precarious but funny at the same time when one of the staff members went to light them and then prompty ran away.

I hope everyone’s New Years was amazing and safe!




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