Day 10 – Hong Kong

Today we did some sightseeing and decided to take the cable car up to Lantau Island to see Tian Tan Buddha (the big buddha). We took the Ngong Ping 360 cable car up and got a sweet view of the islands. Below there’s a trail people can also take if they want to do hikes. It looked like it would be a nice hike – if you like a bunch of stairs! But I’m sure it’s probably not that bad, I just don’t think my knee would like it too much.When we arrived on top, it was interesting to see a village there filled with food shops, souvenirs…and a Subway! So modern!

While walking through the village towards the buddha you will see 12 statues that represent the Zodiac of soldiers that guard Tian Tan. You will also see some cows roaming around as they are a sacred animal there.

From pictures I’ve seen in the past, it almost looks as though the stairs leading up to the buddha looked like it would take a good couple hours to complete. In reality, it took no more than maybe ~10-15 minutes? Probably would have been less if people hadn’t stopped to take selfies every 30 seconds. The statue itself is a beautiful bronze structure surrounded by other smaller bronze maidens who are making offerings.

Later that night, a small group of us decided to go check out the light show happening at Victoria Harbour in celebration of the upcoming new year. This is the first time I really tested out the Sigma 50mm Art lens at night and I was very happy with the results!

It’s a little bittersweet as this is the last full day I’ll have spending with my cousins from the States! We usually see each other every 3 years (give or take?). But we are hoping to plan another family/cousin holiday in the next year or so (hopefully).

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