Day 9 – Hong Kong

Today we visited one of Hong Kong’s oldest cemetery’s: St. Rahael’s Catholic Cemetery: Roman Catholic Cemetery (Private). What you may not know about me is that I really like exploring old cemeteries. Call it morbid or whatever, but I just like the history you can find when looking through old centuries of tombstones. I always try to see if I can find the oldest tombstone in the bunch – but in this case, it was a lot harder to do. The reason we are at this cemetery is to pay respects to family members who have passed away. When you first drive up to this cemetery it’s akin to when you first see the Grand Canyon – vast and never-ending – going for miles.Later that night, it was my family’s turn to host a dinner to family and old family friends whom my mom and her sisters have not seen in years! It’s tradition (apparently), that you can rent Mahjong tables to play for a couple hours before the great banquet. And as you also might not know about me, is that my sisters and I are competitive – Mahjong is one of our go-to games during family holidays with my cousins, Jon and Jeff.

It was a great banquet — meeting Uncles and Aunts and cousins I never knew I had or did, but couldn’t remember as the last time I was there was probably when I was in Gr. 4 or 5. It will probably be another decade until we see some of them again.


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