Day 8 – Hong Kong

The family split up a little bit today – half of my cousins decided to go and shop some more – the other half are visiting old friends – the other half decided to go check out this science museum that caters to children about workplace safety. Yeah I know. There’s an actual SCIENCE MUSUEM for this. Suffice to say, my nephew LOVED IT. He’s obsessed with garbage trucks, dump trucks, and excavators. It was a dream come true.

Later in the afternoon – myself, my cousin Jon and Peter decided to just walk around near our hotel a bit more.

We checked out a park called Kowloon Park, which is 10 minutes away from the hotel and what we discovered were statues. Statues of anime/chinese characters. It was awesome! We then walked back to where my cousin Jessica got food poisoning the other night for drinks (because that should be safe, right?). Eventually my other sister Helena and her husband, Anthony joined us for some “Happy Hour” drinks.

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