DAY 3 – Hong Kong

It’s our first FULL day here in Hong Kong! We are staying at the Holiday Inn across for iSquare in the heart of the shopping district. I would go as far to say it was similar to Times Square in New York. Very similar vibe.

This was probably the nicest and fanciest Holiday Inn I have ever stayed at. Breakfast is complimentary as part of the package deal my parents got. Suffice to say we went for that breakfast EVERY morning 🙂

Today we all decided to go check out The Peak. We took the MTR (which is a subway) to the Garden Road Peak Tram.

We got our tickets and I gotta say the ride was pretty amazing. You literally are at a steep incline as this tram takes you up the mountain. And the views is a very good indication of what to expect when you get to the top.

The one confusing thing was that we didn’t know where we were supposed to get off the tram and where we were supposed to go afterwards as there weren’t really any clear signs??? But I mean, we got there eventually haha

I got to take Pooka and out and let him stretch his wings. There was quite a bit of gust but he handled it pretty well.

Later on that afternoon when we finally got back to the hotel, a few of us decided to explore the area around our hotel. There were plenty of shops and narrow streets you can explore. As I said before, the foot traffic and car traffic is exactly the same as New York – crazy busy, loud, and taxi’s also don’t stop for you lol

We later went and had dinner at what would be one of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong – Din Tai Fung – which is not surprising as they are well-known for their xiao long bao (which as you don’t already know – are my favourite!). The story of this place is also quite interesting to which you should Google search and read up about! In a couple of their branches, the restaurant has been awarded with either 2 or 3 Michelin stars (which apparently is a huge deal!) I would definitely recommend for you to go check out!

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