It’s been nearly ONE WHOLE YEAR since I may have shot a live show!

After taking photos of incredible artists for 5 or 6 years straight –  I needed a break. I guess like most creatives a break is sometimes necessary to rediscover what you like again and if I should even continue doing photography or explore other medias. I was a little bit burnt out, to be honest.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to work with some other creators here in Vancouver in the film/photography industry.

But I knew for a fact I could not miss my dear friend CHRIS HO‘s return from his own long hiatus! If you asked him, he would probably tell you I used to go to nearly (if not all) his shows! True fact.

I’ve probably listened to his last album “City of Dust” countless times and had the album left in my car for years! Leave it to Chris to bring me back from my “almost” one year hiatus (vs his 4 year hiatus??? Chris, you can correct me on that haha), it only took me listening to MIKAILA and him performing to bring me back to the music world again. I guess it’s true what they say — you don’t really appreciate something until you step away from it long enough to realize how amazing it is.

It was also really nice to see a couple members from THE ARCHERS playing alongside Chris as well 🙂 THEY’VE ALL GROWN UP! (I feel old…)

As I mentioned before in older posts – I only filmed small clips and put them together in a short video. You can probably find full performances of the album release somewhere on the internet 🙂

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