BEHIND-THE-SCENES OF DAY 5-10 – Okanagan (13 Miles Movie)

It has been a fun 5 days filming in the beautiful Okanagan!!!

Also, I’m not sure if it was something in the air, but I’m not normally allergic to anything! But when I got to Oosoyos, my eyes started watering and my nose got congested! I was pretty much living off of Benadryl the whole time. But as soon as I got back to Vancouver everything cleared up! Strange…

The most challenging part I found was trying not to get in any of the ACTUAL racers way! They trained for this and to get in their way would be just terrible and something we don’t ever want to happen!

I’ve also filmed some extra vlogs in between which you can find on the same channel.

Next time – we are filming in Penticton in July!

Thanks again for watching and subscribing!



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