HAPPY MAY LONG WEEKEND — I’m on the island!!

First thing I did and knew I wanted to do was fly Pooka around town! (well parts of a general area). Considering it was an epic failure flight yesterday (you can watch that video it’s titled “I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT”) after I got off the ferry and understand why I wanted REDEMPTION.

I started out at Cadboro Bay (Gyro Park) (5 minutes away)

Then made my way over to Queen Elizabeth Park (5 minute drive)

And lastly, my #1 favorite place, Arbutus Cove.(REDEMPTION) (~3-5 minute drive)

I reminisced a lot for the two hours I was there. Loved that nobody was around at 8:30am in the morning – just the birds chirping, the sound of tiny waves, and loose gravel and sand underneath my shoes. It was perfect. It was also really warm that I had to take my jacket off as the cove provided shelter from any breeze. It was actually perfect.



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