13 MILES is a 2010 passion project of filmmakers Anthony Epp and Helena Thom who both co-wrote and developed the film together.

This film is by no means a huge production as most Independent films are not. But if you are lucky enough to cast a group of humans who not only get along well as Jovanna Huguet, Jeff Gonek, and Naomi Levi do. Then adding director of photography, Stirling Bancroft, sound mixer, Madison Penland, costume designer, Lorelai Burk, make-up artist extraordinaire, Meghan Mitchell, and camera-shy Craft Services, Michelle Muldoon — whose wonderful assortment of snacks, beverages, and delicious chilli that kept us going — is just funfetti on top of a generous cake! It also doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful location liason, Alex Chau, who graciously let us film inside and outside his store, “Running Room“, while still open to the general public and staying with us until the wee hours of the night after closing hours. Thanks Alex!

To learn more about 13 MILES and how you can get involved — please check out their website: and follow them on Twitter:

A behind-the-scenes video will be up at a later date.


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