Saturday was just a busy fun hectic day!

First of all, I got up early in the morning to get ready to go meet up with my friend Kristy to go to the Icebreaker sale happening at some hotel downtown. Apparently this two-day sale is something that has been happening for a few years now.(?)screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-6-39-34-pm

We got into the line-up at 9:40am (please note: they already had people lining up in the lobby and up some stairs), which was already around the building. We were in line for almost two hours! When we finally made it inside it was basically “Okay Sam, I’ll see you later!” and DISPERSE! Pretty sure we were only there for maybe an hour? I know it didn’t feel as long. I was surrounded by hoards of people going through bins, rows of rack’s, more bins, and people changing in the corners or near the walls. IN THE OPEN. There are no change rooms… some people actually dropped trou! (Or over trou. Trousers for all you people who don’t know what that stood for).


Soon after we left (we each purchased a bunch of socks and underwear – no joke), I was thinking to myself “this better be the best damn pair of underwear and socks I’ve ever bought for $110.00!” And then my friend told me that the lady next to her dropped $5K and I dropped my jaw and was thinking how I could buy myself a Canon 1dx mark ii if I had that much money to go shopping with!

Later that night, I met up with my friend Adrian and got dinner and went for a walk around the boardwalk near his place. I love me a good boardwalk! We then went and explored some woods and a couple places that he has taken photos of before. It started raining throughout the night but that apparently didn’t stop us for like the first hour. I eventually had to call it near midnight because I’ve been up for a good 19 hours already and I was not wearing the proper waterproof shoes for these sorts of hikes. But after tonight it reminded me how much I’ve missed “night adventures”.

img_8269 img_8293 img_8299 img_8319 img_8321 img_8322 img_8326

(Photos taken with either my Canon 5d mark iii and/or Canon G7X)


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