I’m basically going to copy and paste what I wrote on my Instagram:

Last night my friend told me the Rathskeller Schnitzel House in Victoria was closing and I immediately said “No!”. We walked by it and saw the sign that after over 50 years it was closing its restaurant doors for the last time on January 22, 2017. It was 5 minutes before closing time but we went in to see if we can get a beer. I for sure thought the manager was going to tell us a solid “no” but she agreed to let us have just one beer.


My friend and I reminisced about our times at the Rath while sitting in one of the booths we’ve both sat in countless times. I’ve taken dates here, we’ve both taken friends here, and we’ve both been to birthday parties here, etc. We both loved the decor (German axes, shields, little trinkets) and wouldn’t change anything in it (although that Hula girl doll is sort of random in a German restaurant, but sure).


The staff are nice. There’s always a guy with the accordion playing either polka music or old top 40 hits. Last night he played “What a Wonderful World”, which was almost heartbreaking given the circumstances.
If you live in Victoria or are visiting, if you have time, go and check out the Rathskeller at 1205 Quadra Street. They have glass boots for your beer, the best Wiener schnitzel I ever had, German decor all over the walls, and a sweet man playing the accordion to fill in the ambiance. I’m going to miss this place but hope to be able to go there for one last meal one last time before it permanently closes its doors.


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