It’s Friday night and what was supposed to be a night of music bingo, dinner, and playing pool at the local pool hall — ended up being a night totally different from what we originally planned.

My friends and I all met up at my friend Katrina’s house and headed downtown towards a pub called Moon Under Water. I’ve never heard of it before but apparently it’s been around for some time? (Show’s how much I still don’t know about my own hometown). Unfortunately, the pub was packed and there would be no guarantees that a table would be available. So we left and headed further downtown and parked at the Yates Street parkade.

From there we headed down the stairs at the back where there were musical railings on each floor level where you can play music by tapping on the circles on the metal railings. Each time you tapped on the circle, music and lights would start flashing. My friend, David Parfitt, was the one who designed this piece of public interactive art. #musicalrailings We had a lot of fun playing on those.


Afterwards we continued on towards Garrick’s Head pub to hopefully get some dinner and a couple drinks, but that place was full too! We headed across the street towards Earl’s restaurant and finally got a table there and ordered some food. At the end of dinner we walked towards the local pool hall, Peacocks, to play some pool for a bit. When we got there the place was packed and we were told it would be a 40-minute wait!

Disheartened that we couldn’t go anywhere (even the bowling alley in Langford was full. Yes, we called them as well) because of the long weekend ruining our social lives (Happy Remembrance Day!) we decided to head back to Kat’s place and play some board games, which she then tells us that she didn’t own any (wut?).

We drove towards Wal-Mart and decided to pick up a board game there. Suffice to say by the end of the night we got a pack of Air Warriors and decided to have a “Nerf Gun” or “Air Warriors” war inside Kat’s new home (which she fully gave permission to do). We did also manage to pick up a board game as well. So, mission accomplished.

And the rest is history as you have already probably have seen from my vlog.

I hope your Friday night was just as spontaneous as ours was.

Thanks for reading and watching!