Friday night I got asked to watch Doctor Strange with Adrian and his sister and friend. The theatre that we were going to was the one in Richmond. I have never been to the Silvercity in Richmond. Therefore, I was not PREPARED for the clusterfuck that is the underground parkade which is also the parkade for a T&T supermarket.

Needless to say, when I got there it was at 5pm. The movie doesn’t “start” until 5:15pm. The reason why I put the time in quotation marks is because (having worked at a Silvercity in Victoria for 9 years) that usually means at 5:15pm ads will be playing for a good 5 minutes and then the trailers will be another 10minutes. So I had a good 15 minutes before the actual movie starts. After driving around the underground parkade for what felt like an eternity I finally found parking. Problem #1: I could only find parking in the T&T area. The TWO options I had at the pay machine was 1)1 HOUR for $2.00 2) …some amount that I don’t recall for 30 minutes!  WHERE WAS THE OPTION TO EXTEND TIME?! And the movie was most definitely not an hour long. But I decided to bite the bullet because it would take another eternity until I would be able to find another parking spot. So I paid for the hour and went up the elevator. Problem #2: I had no idea where the theatre was. The elevator let me off inside the supermarket to which I found the exit but there weren’t any signs pointing to where the theatre was. I went around the corner on the wrong side until I could find the signs pointing me in the opposite direction, past the supermarket where I just came out of, and around the corner and up the stairs.

Couple hours later the movie ended and it felt like it was a cross between an acid trip and Inception all while in 3D. But overall, I didn’t hate it and didn’t get dizzy either. In the lobby I realized one of my best friends went to the same movie as I did with his wife and friends so it was really good to see him.

Afterwards we decided to go grab food so we went to Dynasty in Richmond. Surprisingly a few minutes after we sat down at our table, my best friend whom I saw earlier came to the same restaurant! It’s like being in Victoria all over again where you would see someone you would know everywhere.

We then went to go play some pool at “E-spot Billiards & Arcade” a place I’ve never been to because I don’t usually hang out in Richmond. More so, I avoid Richmond unless it’s for bowling or food.


The place was pretty packed. We luckily got a table and played a few rounds. 1

I won all three rounds 😉 First two rounds it was me vs. them. And then the last round it was me and Adrian vs his friend.


We then went to “Bubble Queen” to get some drinks. I ordered a mango slush because I don’t really like bubble tea.screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-2-33-38-pm

All in all, it was a pretty good night! Hope your Saturday went well! Thanks for watching and reading (if you made it this far).


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