It’s so nice to see my boys again! If you remember, or watched any of my New York City vlogs, I went over and stayed at my friend Rob’s apartment (along with his roommate, Baba) for a little over 2 weeks.


During my time of visiting and exploring the city with Rob and his friend Charlie, I saw his roommate mostly during Game of Throne nights or when he’s leaving early for work. In between that time he has been working HARD producing and writing his own album in his bedroom, so I was really looking forward to hearing his stuff for the first time.

You can check out one of his songs he released on his Soundcloud, “Not Lovin’ You”. I liked it so much I had to tweet Sonya Tayeh, who is a dance choreographer, this song because it matches so well with her style!

Have fun on the rest of the tour with GOLD PANDA!


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