SURPRISE! Another mini-blog post from another weekend in Victoria! (I swear if there was a points system from BC Ferries I would be WINNING).

My friend’s birthday party was happening Saturday of that weekend, and luckily enough my friends JON & ROY were performing at Sugar Friday¬†night! I figured why not go and take photos of it! And make an even awesome¬†weekend BETTER!

Another band I haven’t seen perform in a long while (5 years) is Vancouver-band “The Wild Romantics” and boy are they a completely different band from how they were all those years ago! In a very GOOD way!

As the weekend progressed, I was able to meet-up with a bunch of people and meet with people I’ve never met before. The birthday party was crazy (as you will see in the vlog).

PS I’m so good at guessing what happens in “post-apocalyptic” tv shows! JUST SAYING!

What a great weekend!


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