If you’ve been following any of my photography you know that I’ve taken photos of a handful of bands numerous times repeatedly. JON & ROY is no exception to that statement.

One of the many things you gain an appreciation of is the love and support local bands receive from the local community and from each other. There’s always such a vast amount of love and support – that you’re pretty much drowned in a sea of yells, screams, and cheers!

For me, I immediately felt a sense of pride that the music scene in my hometown is so vast and so supportive of each other.  It made moving to Vancouver 2 years ago that much harder, because I would be away from my friends and the amazing local music scene in Victoria.

Vancouver — don’t get me wrong — is FILLED with amazing musicians/artists (one of them being THE WILD ROMANTICS) — during my move over there you get an immediate sense of a “competitive-ness” between some photographers than “camaraderie” that I miss when shooting with fellow photographers. But I guess that’s all part of adapting.

Whenever I shoot a local band from my hometown (whether it be back in Victoria or anywhere else) — the feeling of warmth when I’m greeted by old media friends and musicians is just something you can’t beat! I gain a sense of appreciation and humbleness that I’m glad to have gained.

This mini-blog post just took a turn to the feels that I was not expecting haha


IMG_7946 IMG_7937 IMG_7930 IMG_7877 IMG_7864 IMG_7846 IMG_7826 IMG_7823 IMG_7821 IMG_7819 IMG_7806 IMG_7803 IMG_7798 IMG_7797 IMG_7787 IMG_7775 IMG_7771 IMG_7769 IMG_7767 IMG_7753 IMG_7738 IMG_7734 IMG_7725 IMG_7723 IMG_7719 IMG_7716 IMG_7706 IMG_7704 IMG_7702 IMG_7687 IMG_7686 IMG_7677 IMG_7660 IMG_7659 IMG_7656 IMG_7648 IMG_7647 IMG_7642 IMG_7637 IMG_7636 IMG_7604 IMG_7611 IMG_7620 IMG_7625 IMG_7633 IMG_7634

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