Kinsol trestle is located in Shawnigan Lake where it’s a 1 km walk towards the site. The view and height is amazing! It’s an easy walk that’s even accessible via wheelchair. The river that flows underneath it is the Koksilah River.


The only “hike” portion that my friend and I actually endured was climbing back to the top from the bottom. If you’re not up for hiking through the woods portion that is a steep hill, you can by all means, go back the way you came which is just a gravel path.


I definitely want to head back there during the summer to see what the view is like when it’s warmer out.

The view from top to bottom is both amazing and expansive. You can really get a sense of the patterns from the beams that make up the trestle from any angle, whether it’s from one side to the other, below, or just directly in front or behind. The architecture is spectacular. I would definitely recommend checking out this place.

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