It was my friend, Kat’s birthday. And she decided this year to head to my friend Jen’s cabin for the weekend!

Every one was up there by the time my friend and I got there and I immediately wanted to head down towards the docks. I have a thing for docks so I was pretty amped.

It was only a short walk down towards the water.

The view was spectacular to say the least.


I’m pretty sure this view took my breath away.IMG_6685IMG_6683IMG_6680

I mean, how could it not?! It was the perfect weather after that little storm we had a few days earlier.IMG_6674IMG_6673IMG_6670IMG_6668IMG_6667IMG_6675

The cabin that we were staying at was located within a huge construction lot that still had cabins being built around it.

Pretty soon the next time I go and visit it will be pretty packed and the dock would probably be less quiet. IMG_6691

The view from when the sun was going down was amazing as the mixture of the blues and purples made it feel so whimsical.IMG_6705IMG_6701IMG_6699IMG_6717

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