The next morning we went to the Kona Pub + Brewery hoping to check out there brewery tours, but unfortunately we were not able to. So instead we just ate lunch there.

I tried there sampler which was any 4 (5oz) glasses of a beer of your choice. The four that I chose were: Duke’s Blonde Ale, Big Wave Golden Ale, Hula Hef, and Lavaman Red Ale. I didn’t get the Longboard Island Lager only because I already drank that earlier in our trip, which I also enjoyed.

IMG_0014 copy

I actually liked all 4 of the beers I sampled, which never usually happens! Usually there’s always that one beer that may taste too hoppy for me, but thankfully this wasn’t the case!

Afterwards, we headed back to our room and had 20 minutes to get ready before we leave again for the luau which was almost a two-hour drive away at The Marriott hotel.

Once we arrived at the luau, the scenery before me was pretty picturesque with the palm trees and the setting sun.

While watching two men dig up the pig, we were told the history of cooking the pig in a pit filled with soil and that it had been cooking since 8:30 in the morning

IMG_0050 copy IMG_0051 copy IMG_0054 copy

Afterwards, we enjoyed the rest of the sunset and entertainment in the form of more history being represented by Polynesian hula dancers. But what I was most excited for was to see the fire breathing-acrobatic act that always happens at luaus! And he was the last act. He did a lot of difficult acrobatic moves! He did drop the baton a couple times, but the moves that he was doing was pretty hard, up to the point where he had two batons with flames going off on both sides!

All-in-all I thought my first luau experience was pretty amazing!

IMG_0071 copy IMG_0075 copy

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