We went to Cafe Pesto for lunch and I ordered a blended blue margarita and as much as I prefer it on the rocks, I thought the blended version was much better suited for the early afternoon.


I ordered a Chicken & Wild Mushroom Rissoto and it was pretty delicious! We ordered the calamari for a starter and it is such a larger portion than what we get here in Canada. I approve!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.02.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.02.38 PM

Afterwards we headed toward the waterfalls, but on the way we took a scenic route that led to Onomea Trail which had a spectacular view of a small pebbled/rocky cove. And down by that small beach, I almost got swept away by some waves and riptides. GOOD TIMES!

IMG_0053 copy IMG_0051 copy IMG_0048 IMG_0046 copy IMG_0044 copy IMG_0039 copy IMG_0038 copy IMG_0029 copy IMG_0028 copy IMG_0024 copy IMG_0023 copy

Next up, Akaka Waterfalls!

IMG_0079 copy IMG_0084 copy IMG_0081 copy

Also, because I couldn’t get a really good sunset time-lapse and photos a couple days ago I was DETERMINED to get ALL MY SHOTS THIS TIME AROUND. I also had a chat with an older couple there that told me about “the green flash” that happens as soon as you see the top of the sun sink into the water. I didn’t see anything, but apparently the gentleman next to me did on his camera. I looked at all my footage and witnessed NOTHING 🙁

They say it doesn’t happen all the time, or most people miss it because it happens so quickly. Now every time I do a timelapse or watch the sunset THAT’S ALL I WILL BE WATCHING FOR.

IMG_0133 copy IMG_0132 copy IMG_0130 copy IMG_0128 copy IMG_0127 copy IMG_0125 copy IMG_0124 copy IMG_0122 copy



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