Delhi 2 Dublin

I think the first time I’ve ever heard of the band DELHI 2 DUBLIN was when KYTAMI was touring with them for a bit (or all of it? I can’t remember it was a few years ago). And I remember each time they came to Victoria, for some reason I always ended up not being able to make there set because of either work or school.


So after MANY years I finally got to see them perform! And they were pretty much everything I expected them to be (after watching YouTube videos of them): fun, upbeat, energetic, and major dance vibes!

You’ll get what I mean from these short clips that I shot in this video:

IMG_2427 IMG_2405 IMG_2393 IMG_2392 IMG_2376 IMG_2369 IMG_2360 IMG_2327 IMG_2322 IMG_2314 IMG_2313 IMG_2311IMG_2288 IMG_2286 IMG_2284 IMG_2278 IMG_2276 IMG_2275 IMG_2272 IMG_2271 IMG_2270 IMG_2266 IMG_2263 IMG_2262 IMG_2254 IMG_2245 IMG_2244 IMG_2243 IMG_2241 IMG_2234 IMG_2231 IMG_2230 IMG_2228 IMG_2213 IMG_2201 IMG_2198 IMG_2192 IMG_2188 IMG_2186 IMG_2185 IMG_2176 IMG_2174 IMG_2173 IMG_2169 IMG_2165 IMG_2157 IMG_2156 IMG_2154

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