On our second day in Vegas, Amy and I met up with a couple friends and went to the Stratosphere which had THRILL RIDES. LEGIT. THRILL. RIDES.


I gave my camera to our friend who didn’t feel like going on the rides herself.

The first ride we went on was the “Big Shot!” It was one of those rides that shoots you to the top (which literally was the top of the Stratosphere) and goes up and down at a steady speed before it shoots up again or falls down really fast.

Second ride we went on, was called “Insanity” — which is basically a ride that goes off to the side of a building.  You’re strapped in this “octopotic” like machine and it stretches out it’s arms and spins around in a circle really fast while it tilts. As soon as it started to lean a bit forward on the ride I had to close my eyes otherwise the landscape below me would’ve made me feel so dizzy and nauseous.


The third and last ride we went on was called, “X-Scream” as it basically launches you forward into the open landscape at the edge of the building and then you go backwards as it tilts itself back. And then this keeps repeating at least 4 or 5 times.

It was definitely fun! Nauseous for others.

Once we all got our nerves back we walked over to CIRCUS CIRCUS (20 minute walk or so) for more rides at “Adventuredome Theme Park.” Which is basically an indoor carnival with rides. Sort of like Playdome in Vancouver (video here: https://youtu.be/ABhUNDGLA58)IMG_0324 IMG_0325 IMG_0326

After leaving our friends hotel and lounging poolside, we went across the street to another casino where they had a really massive buffet! SERIOUSLY. MASSIVE. BUFFET. Just watch the video.IMG_0327 IMG_0328

Afterwards, we parted ways and on our way to the monorail, Amy wanted to take a photo of Toby Keith’s bar, and this guy (right there) wanted to take a photo with us. He was pretty drunk but hilarious. Amy took the photo and I was just thinking in my head “hurry up, Amy!”IMG_0332



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