It’s still our first day in Vegas since we got in on Saturday. It’s just a few hours after the last vlog you watched and Amy and I decided to head down to the “restaurant/bar” area at Hooters and grab a drink from the coupons we were given when we checked in.

We then “tried” gambling and it’s pretty clear we didn’t know what we were doing so I had to ask one of the security guards for help haha First thing he asked me was am I Phillipino? and I answered “no, why?” and he’s like “YOU LOOK SO YOUNG!” and I responded with “Yes, I get that a lot. Thanks.” After we took his advice on how to work through the machines Amy and I settled down on a poker machine. I ended up breaking even and won an extra $5.

We left the casino and headed towards the strip and walked around. Her and I bought 35oz cups of mango juice with vodka. Although to be honest it wasn’t really strong at all. Which is what everyone says when they say “it tastes like juice!” But honestly, I felt nothing. Which I guess is a blessing. It was only $10 for a 35oz drink, which is pretty good!

After a while, we ended up going to an Indian restaurant, Tamba Indian Cousine and Lounge. When you walked in you are immediately greeted with a pinterest wall of photos of either an Indian family going back generations or just photos of different Indian families. It was awesome! I was immediately drawn to the back wall which is where we sat near, and it was a bunch of picture frames of different sizes all over the wall of photos. And then on the other end of the restaurant was sort of like a book case wall. And on the other side of that are just painted walls of women and men and landscapes. And you know I have a thing for books and photography and we’re in a restaurant! That’s three things I love in one place!

I nearly drooled when our meal arrived!  I mean just look at it! IMG_0276

Their nan bread was maybe the best I’ve ever had! It was so fluffy and light and crunchy, it was delicious! The Butter Chicken I ordered was simply ravishing along with what Amy ordered which was a Chicken Korma. We split both dishes between the two of us, and as you could see from my vlog I highly enjoyed it! And if I ever go back to Las Vegas, I definitely would go back there again for dinner 🙂

After dinner we walked along the strip towards the Polaroid museum and along the way we watched the fountain show in front of The Bellagio.IMG_0278 IMG_0281 IMG_0285 IMG_0287

The Polaroid Museum was maybe one of THE highlights of my trip in Vegas (so far). I just couldn’t get enough of it when we went upstairs to the museum portion.IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0292 IMG_0296 IMG_0299

Downstairs, Amy and I decided to print 8 photos off from our Instagram accounts and have them printed out in “polaroid form” It was $1/photo. I ended up getting to print 2 extra photos of the same photo so mine came to around $11 or $12 with tax.

While we waited for the photos to be printed, we took photos in The Booth down below, I asked someone to take a photo with my polaroid camera of us behind the frame of a polaroid. Pretty cool composite idea right? I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to have done this. There was another one of these frames outside and we had a little girl from a family take our photo with my camera as well.IMG_0300 IMG_0301 IMG_0303 IMG_0305 IMG_0307 IMG_0309 IMG_0312 IMG_0316 IMG_0317

Next video…. We go on rides at THE STRATOSPHERE and CIRCUS CIRCUS!!!


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